Now you are all set.
Prepare for a successful teamwork.
We available in both iOS and Andriod
Anonymity Rules
No one can see your name under Anonymous mode, even your team lead.
Karma shows how much you are loved within your team. You will only earn Karma, no karma point deduction when rewarding your peers.
Don’t know where to begin. It is easy, just follow the quickstart and start posting.
We count on you to create a healthy, troll-free environment. Report a post when you feel it go against your team culture or it just plain inappropriate.
Only team lead can delete a post. Report a post to notify your Team lead to review and remove an inappropriate post.
Forget password
Try to send a magic link to your email. This option is available in our sign in screen.
Frozen Screen
We do apologize for this case. Try to kill the app and log in again. If screen frozen persists,send us an email with attached image to
Lost the confirmation code email
Sometimes our email can get lost in your spam inbox. Try to take a look over there
If you have any further question, we are always available at