“You Matter!” When People-Centric Hits The All-Time Hot

We all know that 2020 is the year that has witnessed so many shocking news and events happening in this century, so far. From the COVID-19 outbreak, millions of people losing their job and WFH turning to be a new normal of work people are having no sign to go quite anytime soon; we will take a step back to discuss on people who’re fortunately having a chance to work from 9 to 5 in the office (or at home) and see how it incidentally relates to the new global momentum. 

As many companies are still striving for success by taking customer-first as their ultimate strategy, it seems to be an obsolete notion that every leadership should reformulate. It’s time for all of us going against it, centering the company value on employees-first.

  1. Happy Employees – Happy Customers
    Yes, the statement has spoken for itself. How can an employee say something good about the company and the product to his customers when he can’t honestly feel it. An employee having conflict with his leadership can’t have a good sleep at night, can’t smile after waking up and present nicely to customers. That’s why we should have happy people before a good customer satisfaction strategy.
  2. Positive Employees – Healthy CultureHappy team member is definitely a good team player. Their positive energy will influence other team members and empower the team to collaborate and together work for better outcomes. Unengaged employees are a cause of office gossip and rumors, team conflicts and a toxic environment. If a team is striving to succeed, it should embrace a strong team morale who are willing to listen and together get things done rather than indicate each other’s weaknesses or failures.
  3. Dedicated Employees – Greater Business Outcomes
    The dedicated employees will work as if it’s their own business. That is when they sleep over the operation of the business. They will think on how to acquire more customers, win more deals at the lowest cost, just like a boss. If failed, they will stand up again, learn from mistakes, seek for new opportunities then achieve better outcomes. It would be a challenge for the leadership on how they could inspire their employees and keep them engaged to their work.
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3 years ago

Great article. Yes it is true! Happy employee, happy workplace 😀