Private Social Network – Why not?

A social network is an online platform that allows people with similar interests or backgrounds to come together to discuss issues or exchange information. While social network platforms may vary in features or formats, they share similar characteristics such as instant messaging, comments, and sharing pictures or videos.

The word private is used to describe something that involves only a particular person or group. Such a thing often deals with matters that are not to be disclosed to others.

A private social network is a reserved online community where like-minded people with shared interests or backgrounds can connect and build relationships. Private social networks promote secure and confidential communication among individuals. 

Organizations must have such a tool in the present digital age to keep their employees engaged and productive. To help you better understand, we examine four reasons you need a private social network at your workplace.

Four reasons why we need a private social network at our workplace

  1. Break the communication gap in an organization

    60.8% of employees are likely to ignore their emails at work. This usually creates a communication gap between managers and employees, primarily in organizations that use email as their primary channel of communication.

    Adopting a private social network will open a feedback loop that eliminates this communication barrier and enhance the connection between C-level executives, managers, and employees.

    According to a survey, 85% of employees are motivated when they are regularly updated about company news. With features like direct messaging, executives and managers will be able to easily update their employees about happenings in and around the company. In return, employees will find it easier to reach their leaders whenever they have questions or ideas that may benefit the organization.

    Additionally, having a central and transparent channel of communication means every employee, including new hires, will be privy to instant information from their managers and publicly (or anonymously) share their opinions about it to their leaders.

  2. Discover untold company stories

    Employees want to feel that their voices are being heard, not only by the management but also by their co-workers. They want to share and discover untold stories about each other. However, without an internal communication channel in place, their confidential correspondence may easily be leaked to public forums.

    By employing a private social network, companies will be able to improve internal communication between employees. Members will be comfortable to share posts about their daily work, discuss hobbies, and organize private events without the fear of it spreading out to social media.

    Having a private social network also makes it possible for your employees to create groups where they can share blog posts, videos, and other updates with like-minded co-workers. 

    When employees feel empowered via seamless internal communication, it creates a community-like connection between them and their co-workers. This fosters understanding and aids retention as 54% of employees will stay longer in a tightly knitted workplace environment.

  3. Prevent the spread of fake news
    The effect of fake news on businesses can be damaging. For companies, fake news can result in stock price crashes, PR disasters, and may even affect the recruitment process. For employees, it may lead to low morale and put their lives at risk. Therefore, curbing the spread of fake news in an organization has become a top priority among company leaders.By adopting a private social network like Sprynkl, companies will be able to prevent strangers and external users from spreading false information to their employees. The private platform will then serve as an internal source of truth that employees can consult whenever they encounter possible false information during volatile moments. Also, companies will be able to instantly correct fake news through company-wide announcements via the private platform without exposure to external media.
  4. Quickly get the fit-in company culture
    Seamless communication among employees is an essential factor in healthy company culture. However, 74% of employees believe they miss out on the company’s updates due to a lack of proper internal communication. This study shows that companies need a centralized channel of communication to help employees fit into their culture. Having a central source of internal communication will allow organizations to consolidate all of the company moments, concerns, or discussion, thereby helping employees catch up with their co-workers’ conversation and company’s updates at their convenience. As a result, a person-to-person connection will be built among co-workers leading to higher levels of trust and better employee engagement.

    Final thoughts

    Every company needs an intimate place where their employees can share their interests, discuss hobbies, and connect with their co-workers without fear of leaks or misinformation. A private social network like Sprynkl will provide such a platform for your employees. Here are four reasons why we need a private social network in our workplace:

    • Break the communication gap in an organization
    • Discover untold company stories
    • Prevent the spread of fake news
    • Quickly get the fit-in company culture

    Employ the use of a private social network today to start enjoying these benefits and give your employees an enjoyable employee experience.



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